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Let start by introducing you to the power of QR Code! With a single scan of QR code using a camera app, smartphone users gain quick access to URLs, product brochures, mobile applications and related information without you needing to type out the required information. So as SwaziHost QR-Code-Generator we assist you or your business to generate any QR Code of your choice for {FREE} & also provide you or your business with a landing page (vCard) for your QR Code but at a fee.

Just like the COVID 19 Time, people were not allowed to touch each other. We then saw the need of using QR Code, since QR code marketing benefits various industries. Moreover common QR code users appear in social media promotion, virtual shopping and non-contact product sale.

QR Code Ideas

  1. Product customization
  2. Feedback collection
  3. Location finding
  4. Social Media visibility
  5. Customer acquisition
  6. Increased app downloads
  7. Lead generation
  8. SMS and email marketing

1. Product Customization

Customers looking for unique and personalized experiences yearn for product customizations. Global brands like Nike have found QR code uses in helping their customers get their preferred product.

You can either use a QR code to send your customers to the customization page or generate unique QR codes for a customized product and provide instant ordering.

QR code marketing in product customization applies to most industry types. You can place QR codes on webpages, posters, business cards, flyers, billboards or other marketing materials.

2. Feedback Collection

As a business owner, you should always look for ways to collect customers’ feedback as it helps in both improving your products and promoting them.

Through QR code marketing, you can simplify feedback collection. Place QR codes on your receipts and labels and let your customers scan them to tell you how they feel about your products and services.

QR code marketing for feedback collection

QR code usage in reviews gathering facilitates both customers and businesses. Customers can provide feedback within seconds and businesses get electronic feedback they can analyze in real time.

3. Location Finding

You can use QR codes on your billboards to help customers locate your business or retail store.

Position your billboard in an attention-grabbing location and include a QR code that links to your location on Google maps.

4. Social Media Visibility

QR code marketing for social media visibility involves adding QR codes to your posters and flyers linking to your social media accounts.

Hire a professional graphic designer to create quality materials for you with QR codes linking to your social media embedded in them. Customers scanning these QR codes will land on your social media pages giving you increased brand awareness.

5. Customer Acquisition

Customers like businesses that give discounts, giveaways or freebies.

Use QR code marketing to increase your customer acquisition and loyalty rate. Generate QR codes for your special offers and discounts and facilitate your new customers to find you in seconds.

6. Increased App Downloads

While mobile apps simplify the ordering process for customers, rarely does a customer search a business’s name in Google Play or App Store to download the app.

You can bypass that by using QR codes.

Place your QR codes on windows and tables at your storefronts to encourage app downloads while the customers wait for their order.

7. Lead Generation

With QR codes marketing, lead generation becomes a smooth task the moment visitors reach your landing page. 

You can create your QR code for providing free resources or a trial for products that leads to a contact form.

8. SMS and Email Marketing

QR code marketing also works for text messages and emails.

Email marketing is a simple and creative process with QR codes. You can send out a prompted email or message to customers with coupons, deals and seasonal greetings. All your customers need to do is scan the QR code in these emails.

For SMS marketing, you can try the SMS QR code generator, which sends SMS to the linked number — scan QR code to text SUB to 1234and avail of this 40 % discount.

Creating a QR Code

QR code marketing — How to generate a QR code

You can create a QR code for your business without any hurdles.

Follow the steps below to create a QR code:    

1. Choose a Suitable QR Code Generator

You can find several free and paid QR code generators online. While the free generators get the work done, you might need paid services for advanced business needs.

Some popular QR code generators are as follows:

  • SwaziHost QR Code Generator: A popular and comprehensive QR code generator that has both free and premium plans, which support websites, location data, contact information and more.

You can use these QR code generators without any prior coding knowledge. Simply fill your information in the appropriate fields and click a button to get your QR code.

2. Decide the Kind of QR Code You Want

After you have opted to use QR code marketing and choose a QR code generator tool, determine whether your company needs a static or dynamic QR Code.

Just like the name implies, static QR codes remain fixed. You can’t alter their functionality after using them in your marketing efforts.

If you want to use the same QR code you have already printed on billboards across the city for another initiative, you need a dynamic QR code. You can alter the information contained in dynamic QR codes any time you want. 

3. Select Your Content

Person choosing content type for QR code marketing

Decide on the kind of content you want to embed in your QR code. Go for the content type that works best for your business and fulfill your marketing needs.

You can perform QR code marketing to:

  • Market third-party apps on iOS and android
  • Provide access to restaurant menus and make quick orders
  • Enhance your brand awareness on social media pages
  • Drive traffic to your e-commerce store
  • Improve marketing strategy using business cards
  • Customize product packaging

4. Pick Your Customizations and Designs

Ensure that the QR code generator you choose suits your business’s design theme.

Instead of the default black and white QR colors, you can customize it to:

  • Include your logo
  • Have colorful graphics highlighting the content
  • Animate when hovered by a cursor

5. Test and Download Your QR Code

Before you print your QR code on promotional materials, test it several times. Fix any errors you discover.

QR code marketing requires error-free procedures, especially if it’s a static QR code because you cannot change it without bearing significant marketing losses.

Once you’ve tested your QR code, download it. Most QR code generators support multiple formats for ease of use.

If you intend to use QR codes on a webpage, download it in JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF or JPG formats. Whereas you can save your QR code in PDF, EPS and SVG formats if you want to print it.

Tips for QR Code Marketing and Generation

To get the best out of generating and marketing QR codes for your business, follow the tips below:

  • Make your QR code big: It should be at least one by one inch — for computer and mobile users. Ensure that it is clear enough for everyone to see and scan.
  • Use a QR code generator: To easily and quickly download error-free QR codes, use a QR code generator.
  • Put a call-to-action around your QR code: Give your customers a good reason to scan your code by adding a call to action (CTA).
  • Position your QR code correctly: Place your QR code in a location where your customers can quickly see and scan it.
  • Use a QR code with mobile-optimized size: Ensure that your QR code displays well on mobile devices.
  • Include only vital details: Don’t overload your QR code with unnecessary data when creating your QR code to avoid errors.

Final Thoughts: 8 QR Code Marketing Ideas for Businesses

QR code marketing is an excellent digital marketing strategy to expand your business.

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In a global work environment, we work with a diversity of personalities and viewpoints. Having an empathy-driven culture helps us understand each other better, work more cohesively, and ultimately deliver the results our customers expect from us.

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We work with the Kaizen philosophy in mind, which means making incremental changes. We believe this ensures speed of learning, iterating, and improvement.


We are committed to prioritizing strategies and practices that create positive experiences for our users—both paying and non-paying—through communications, services, and products.

We have 25+ QR code data types to choose from including website URL, video, Facebook, map location, SMS or email message, contact details, etc. Whether you sell online or offline, the preferred channel for information consumption for users remains digital. Offer information and build an immersive digital experience for users with QR Codes. Swazi Host introduce free QR Code Generator System! Start generating QR Codes For Free Now. Visit; https://qrcodegenerator.barcodehosting.com/

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Smart networking

Let your customers instantly save your contact information on their smartphones with a QR Code on business cards. Leverage editable and trackable digital business cards to network in a smart and engaging manner.


Whether you sell online or offline, the preferred channel for information consumption for users remains digital. Offer information and build an immersive digital experience for users with QR Codes.

Relationship building

80% of first-time users never return or advocate a brand unless you build an ongoing relationship with them. Use QR Codes to know your users in the real world, make a direct-to-consumer connection & retarget them online to stay on top of mind.